How Does The Driving Agency Take Care Of Your Vehicle Tax?

The present time is a very materialistic one. Everyone appreciates the Speed in this generation. Thus, having a car is just like the cherry n top of the cake. It makes your life easier and also facilitated the way you are living your life. You can now reach several places within minutes. You will soon realize how your life has changed. However, with this, you have to follow certain rules and regulations. Now, you might ask what these rules are. You own a car and if you do not know about driving and licensing agency then make sure to know about this now.


What Is The Agency For?

The organization is only meant for the UK government. It maintains a highly strict database of each and every driver as well as the vehicle. Any vehicle that is unauthorized is highly punishable. Thus, with anew car come new overheads. The owner of all the cars has to pay car tax according to the tax rates that is prevalent in that country.

Collection Of Excise Duty

Work like collecting excise tax, issuing alicense to all the car owners and number plates to all the vehicles as well as other operations related to the car is done by the Driving and Licensing Agency. This organization is under the control of Department of Transportation. It has a string of network offices. The primary office is based in South Wales or more specifically Swansea.

However, in the recent years, they have made a rule that those vehicles that have electronic licensing done can pay their tax online or through their phone.

Certain Rules To Keep In Mind

You own a vehicle in the UK, and whether you drive it or not, you need to pay the road tax for sure. It is also known as car tax or vehicle tax. However, if you keep the car off the road, then make sure that SORN or “Statutory off Road Notification” is in force. If it is done then, there are high chances of removing your car or clamping the wheel of your vehicle.

Car Taxes In The UK

The way car tax is done in the UK is a bit different from other countries. The car tax is rated based on carbon dioxide emission from the vehicle. The measurement is done in g/km. Based on this; the cars are sorted in different car bands. A particular vehicle that emits up to hundred grams per kilometer is placed in band A.

Vehicles that produce carbon dioxide ranging from 101 – 120 g/km are laced in band B, and this goes on. Those cars that are in band A and B does not have to pay taxes in the increased range. This is an indication of having environment-friendly vehicles.

Proof Of Your Tax

Once you paid your taxes properly, you need to display the same in front of your car. Now, make sure that you renew the tax according to your time. The Driving and Licensing Agency is a very strict one, and you have to make sure that you abide by its rule.

How Can You Get A New Driving License If You Have Lost Your License?

 You can easily get a replacement for your driving license online in case you have lost or damaged your driving license online from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. It is very obligatory for that purpose that you apply for your Government gateway Identification Number, and if you do not have that also then you need to register again to get the identification number for your application. There is no need for the paper counterpart of your license as well, and this rule is applied from June 2015.


Steps Involved In Getting New License

The Necessary Steps That Must Be Taken Before Applying For A Lost License Include:

  • It is very obligatory that you contact the police force in case you’re driving license is stolen
  • It is crucial for replacing your license that you must be a resident of Great Britain
  • You must for any reason not be disqualified from driving
  • You must pay £20 by Visa, Credit card or through MasterCard.
  • Having a valid identity like a United Kingdom passport is a must
  • It is crucial that you provide details like place of stay for the last 3 years
  • Most important if you know your national insurance number or driving license number then they must be made available to the


  • An e-copy of your passport photo would be used by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency for the photo card driving license.
  • The expiry of the photocard license is only 2 years
  • In case the electronic photo is not available with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, then they would ask you to print a form and send it along with your new photograph.
  • With the help of the photo driving license renewal service you can update the photo on your license, and to do this online it is vital that you have a United Kingdom passport.
  • By any chance, you find your old license back then it is obligatory that you return it to the Driver and Vehicle licensing Agency.

Other Methods to Apply

The other methods that can be used to apply for a driving license are by phone or by post. If you have your photo card license, then you can apply to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency by the phone itself and if your details have not changed. But if your license is damaged or if expires in less than 56 days then you cannot apply over the phone.

If you have a paper driving license, then you can apply by post easily. For applying by post, the important requisites include enclosure of original documents that confirm your identity, a passport-type photograph, and the paper license which has been damaged. You must send the application to the address written on the form and with the correct amount of fee written on the form. It takes about 3 weeks for getting license applied through postal services. It is also very important that if your name is changed, then you must send original documents that confirm your name change.

Get Registered Under Licensing Agency To Drive Safely On Roads

 Are you thinking of getting a new vehicle this time? Before you start up, let’s get you through the need of licensing schemes. These days getting alicense has been necessary for every single driver. Also apart from these even your old vehicle worries and casualties needs to be handled significantly. For this, your best choice could be the only Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Nothing to worry, you would get to know what makes this agency successful.


Who Are These Licensing Agencies?

The Driver and Vehicle licensing agency is a way to enhance the ordinary people to get quickly registered with the provisional list of license. It has probably been necessary for every office to maintain a database of their licensed people but unfortunately they lag in doing so. Thus to tackle issues this UK based government agency has been opened in your city. Their main aim is to maintain their driver’sloss of records with every detail and keep acollection of excise duty on vehicles.

Responsibilities This Agency Works On:

  • It keeps a record of drivers endorsed in the databases including other allowance like medical, disqualification, etc.
  • Issues a photo card to the drivers for easy recognition.
  • Registration certificates for the vehicles.
  • Preparing for actions against stolen
  • Helps to sell some personalized vehicles that are being registered under Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agencies.
  • Helps the police officers to keep a track of drivers list for sound judgment against any crimes.

Priorities For Future:

  • First and the foremost priority is to provide the right drivers with the proof read license to maintain road safety.
  • Simplify the technological landscape for future growth of customers.
  • Proper usage of assets for the growth of revenues and efficiency of government.
  • Build up new digital services that meet every single expectation of customers.
  • Respond to every customer
  • Develop the organization as a center ofhigh excellence towards this driving licensing.

Obstacles Faced By These Agencies:

Being a licensing based organization they might have encountereda full group of issues. Illegal issuing of license may be the first case of obstacles occurring. Probably missing documents may lead to illegal issuing of vehicle registration certificates. Often people may reveal their wrong credentials creating cases of fraudulence. Losing the entitlements by the drivers has been an issue faced by the agency. Though these databases are privately owned by the company records and the drivers, thus they might be leaked by some unauthorized people for earning profits. DVLA Helpline provides 24/7 customer support which is really helpful.

Final Point:

This Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has been a suitable UK based organization in your city to help you with easy accessibility of license. They suitably maintain a database of drivers being registered under their records in order to establish a security over the roads and avoid crimes. This agency has been created for the department of Transport for public safety. Over time they have reduced the crowd and crimes reduced on roads and helped the intelligence authorities to get easier with their work.